Join Us

Who Can Join us?

If you want to join dm2 you must; 

  • be 18 years old or over
  • have a learning disability/learning difficulty
  • pay a membership fee

How do I join?

Join us in 5 easy steps 

 You will need to complete a membership form which you can get by calling us on 01563 825 515 or by completing the contact page on our website.

  1. Fill in the membership form this will tell us about you.
    pop the form in the envelope that we have provided, as this has our address on it.
  2. Stick a stamp on the front of the envelope.
  3. Post the envelope containing the form back to us.

What happens once I have posted my membership form? 

  • When we receive your completed membership form one of our staff will read through it and contact you.
  • We will arrange to meet up with you to find out a little bit more about you and the things that you are interested in and also to tell you more about dm2.
  • We will tell you about all the events that are organised and give you your membership card.
  • You will also receive our latest newsletter that lets you know what dm2 have been up to, what is going on in your local area and some articles from our members. 

What does it cost to join dm2? 

  1. to be a member of dm2 you must pay £60 each year.
  2. some events will have a small cost, but members always get it cheaper.
  3. some events are free to members.
  4. you can pay your membership each month at as little as £5 or all in one go, its up to you
  5. you can cancel your membership at any time, and will get a refund for any months you have paid in advance at the time of cancellation. Membership fees are applicable for the full period up to and until cancellation. 

I don’t have my own computer, is this a problem? 

  • No not having your own computer would not be a problem as there are many ways we can contact our members our website is just one of the ways.
  • We also call or text our members updating them and letting them know what events are on that month.
  • All our members also receive our quarterly newsletter that shows a calendar of events for the coming 3 month, and also stories from some of our members that are looking to meet new friends.
  • Dm2 staff will discuss the best way to keep each of our members updated when they initially meet them. 

 Is this a safe service? 

 Dm2 staff work very hard so their members can enjoy themselves in a safe and fun environment, all our events have a sufficient number of staff to manage each event.

  1. All staff at dm2 are Disclosure checked and receive on-going training in health and safety issues.
  2. In the first initial meeting with our new members we talk over the best ways of keeping safe, going to and from events and provide accessible guidelines for all our members. Although dm2 do not provide transport (except at larger events) the team can offer travel advice getting to and from events.
  3. Although we encourage our members to meet and get to know other members at our events, if people want to meet again dm2 will assist members to get the support to do this. The first one to one meeting are chaperoned by dm2 staff.
  4. Dm2 website is completely safe and our members have a private area not accessible to the general public where they can see other members profiles, accessed only by their personal password.